Good news on the glass bottom plates and chamber front!

There are loads of multiwell plates and chamber slides on the market but it is hard to get any that fulfill these criteria:

  • They do not kill the cells (unfortunately, this is not a joke!)
  • They do not leak (no joke either! Sigh…)
  • They have a low skirt: so they can be completely imaged (including the outer area of outer wells) with our Nikon 20x air, NA 0.75, WD 1mm objectives. The ‘skirt’ is the rim at the edge of the plate. A high skirt raises the plate so that it becomes impossible to image the wells at the edges of the plate as the objective bumps into the insert edge.
  • They have a #1.5 (=170um thick) glass coverslip bottom which is thickness any objective from any manufacturer is specified for.
  • They don’t cost a bomb.

Zell Kontakt is a German company that makes fantastic glass bottom dishes and plate (absolutely no commercial interests!) fulfilling ALL these criteria and are very flat! If you ask kindly, you may even get a free sample to test! 🙂

If you are at KI and need to write an exemption, just come and ask us for our template. 🙂

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