The LCI open microscopy course starts on Monday! :)

Dear all

It is my pleasure to invite you to follow the LCI facility microscopy course Microscopy: improve your imaging skills – from sample preparation to image analysis.

The course starts next Monday (29 Jan) and runs until the 16th of February.

As usual, all the course lectures are broadcasted live on Zoom. It is free of charge and you do not need to register.

The aim for this course is to improve the microscopy skills of students and researchers who have already used a microscope to acquire digital images of fluorescent samples but feel that more knowledge could help them.

Here is a selection of what we will talk about:

  • Optics and image formation,
  • Anatomy of a microscope
  • Objectives and refraction index
  • Cameras and detectors, Noise and background, Bit depth and saturation
  • Sample preparation, Immunostaining, Clearing and expansion
  • Resolution and contrast, Nyquist sampling, Microscope settings
  • Data handling, OMERO.figure, Requirements for image analysis, Colocalization
  • Image processing and analysis

Check our course webpage to see the course schedule (Broadcasted activities are in blue) and the Zoom link. Scroll down to read the kind testimonies of our dear students! 🙂

Here is the course syllabus.

For those who are on a far away time zome, we record all the live lectures and post them every evening on the LCI facility YouTube channel! 🙂

We hope that you will enjoy the LCI facility microscopy course!

Kindly forward to anyone who might be interested.

The LCI team

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