Nordic Microscopy Symposium – 3rd-5th October

We are delighted to invite you to the Nordic microscopy symposium at the Live Cell Imaging core facility, Nikon Centre of Excellence at Karolinska Institutet, organised by BergmanLabora, Ramcon Denmark and Inter Instrument AS.

  • The symposium will highlight the great research done in the Nordics where microscopy is a key tool.
  • New exciting equipment from Nikon will be showcased including the AX/NSPARC super-resolution point confocal and the CrEST DeepSIM super-resolution spinning disk confocal.
  • We will also be launching the new Nikon Eclipse Ji benchtop assay instrument and demo the simpler CrEST Cicero spinning disk confocal.
  • The capability of these systems will be demonstrated during public sessions (3rd of October) and in private sessions (on 4th and 5th October) where you are welcome to bring your own samples.

Venue: Neo, Flemingsberg Campus, Karolinska Institute: Erna Möller Lecture hall (Symposium), Live Cell Imaging (LCI) core facility (Demos)

3rd October

    • 1000-1145       Public demo: Nikon AX R NSPARC super-resolution point-scanning confocal, CrEST X-Light V3 super-resolution spinning disk confocal, CrEST Cicero compact spinning disk
    • 1000-1145       Open house at the Live Cell Imaging core facility (Drop in. Contact Sylvie Le Guyader)
    • 1200-1300       Lunch (requires pre-registration)
    • 1300-1305       Welcome
    • 1305-1345       Zuzana Kadlecova (Cambridge Institute for Medical Research – UK): Lights! Camera! Uptake! Zooming in on Endocytosis with Quantitative TIRF-SIM Analysis.
    • 1345-1410       Nicoline Dorothea Daugaard (Dept. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, SDU – Denmark): Tracking T cells and their interactions with cancer cells in 3D using NIS-Elements General Analysis (GA3)
    • 1410-1440       LCI short talks:
      • Chiara Annunziata (Karolinska Institute – Sweden): A pipeline for the multiparametric assessment of the anti ageing effects of candidate molecules
      • Andrea Coschiera (Karolinska Institute – Sweden): Primary cilia promote the differentiation of human neurons through the WNT signaling pathway
      • Natalie Geyer (Karolinska Institute – Sweden): Multiplex RNA in situ hybridisation for liver parenchyma characterization in a metastatic context
    • 1440-1500       Coffee
    • 1500-1525       Technical talk (Nikon): Microscopy Simplified, Nordic Launch of Nikon’s new ECLIPSE Ji
    • 1525-1540       Staffan Strömblad (Karolinska Institute – Sweden): Multi-site assessment of reproducibility in high-content cell migration imaging data
    • 1540-1605       Pieta Mattila (University of Turku – Finland): Advanced imaging methods to visualize lymphocyte activation

4th and 5th October

Registration is mandatory and can be done via the following site: Nordic Microscopy Symposium – BergmanLabora.

Please share this event with friends and colleagues who may also be interested in attending.

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