Talking about Art and Science, here is a tip about how to enjoy every minute (at least I did) of Phallaina by Marietta Ren, a new art form called Bande Défilée in French, which might translate to Streaming Strip? Strolling Graphic Novel? If you ask me, bande défilée sounds best but I am biased! 🙂

The first graphic novel/comic strip entirely made for tactile screens like your mobile phone.

Here is the trailer. One will need to download a big app but it can be deleted afterwards. French or English texts.

It is totally worth it, especially for those who enjoy science/art/diving.

Not exactly a microscopy post but… they do use medical imaging! :-/

Six images acquired at the LCI at the Sven-Harrys museum!

The golden Sven-Harrys museum at the heart of Stockholm is currently exhibiting beautiful microscopy images. We proudly counted 6 of them that were acquired with the LCI microscopes! Go and have a look! 🙂

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