Eurobioimaging is organizing a microscopy image competition and there is a GoPro camera to grab! 🙂 Apply here!


Talking about Art and Science, here is a tip about how to enjoy every minute (at least I did) of Phallaina by Marietta Ren, a new art form called Bande Défilée in French, which might translate to Streaming Strip? Strolling Graphic Novel? If you ask me, bande défilée sounds best but I am biased! 🙂

The first graphic novel/comic strip entirely made for tactile screens like your mobile phone.

Here is the trailer. One will need to download a big app but it can be deleted afterwards. French or English texts.

It is totally worth it, especially for those who enjoy science/art/diving.

Not exactly a microscopy post but… they do use medical imaging! :-/

Six images acquired at the LCI at the Sven-Harrys museum!

The golden Sven-Harrys museum at the heart of Stockholm is currently exhibiting beautiful microscopy images. We proudly counted 6 of them that were acquired with the LCI microscopes! Go and have a look! 🙂

Enter the Nikon Small World!

Last call! Deadline 30th April!

Send your entries to the Nikon Small World image competition! Really nice prizes to be won including a trip to the Nikon headquarters in Japan! Many of the images produced daily at our facility are at the level of what is in their gallery so grab the chance! 🙂

Multiphoton beauty!

Here is our winner for the very first LCI Image of the week! Karl Annusver’s mouse skin sections labelled with Tomato (red) and AF488 (green). The other channels are label free imaging of fibers like collagen that either autofluoresce at the wavelengths used (690 and 780 nm) or give very nice Second Harmonic Generation. This allows us to visualize the unlabelled tissue surrounding the labelled cells.

Thanks Karl! 🙂

Time to show off! :)

Share your images at Sven-Harry’s museum of art

The Ragnar Söderberg Foundation has initiated an art project in order to present research in medicine. The project “The invisible body” aims to tell stories about research and what researchers do, and how they do it. Scientists are now invited to share their work for everyone to see. The foundation is looking for high-resolution pictures in very large sizes to present at an exhibition in November at Sven-Harry’s museum in Vasaparken, Stockholm.

Would you like to contribute? Contact: art(at)

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